Stages of Consent Culture Chart for Dance Communities by Megan Emerson

This chart is from the Portland Country Dance Community but it is so applicable to all social dance communities including contacImprovisationon that the Consent Blog is posting it.

Here is a message from Megan Emerson the creator of the chart

“The Portland Country Dance Community is working to improve their consent and safety practices. This chart [see below] was developed at the request of the Portland Country Dance Community’s safety and consent subcommittee. I modeled it on the workplace safety culture development that my employer has been pursuing quite successfully for a number of years. After watching my co-workers and I make progress along a similar chart of behaviors, I thought it would also help my contra dance community to identify some goals and make progress towards them. ”

Thank you to Megan Emerson for giving us permission to post your chart!

Chart by Portland GroupThe header photograph by Savita Cupid.

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