Contact Improvisation: In Service of the Dance

When I do Contact Improvisation it is as if my partner and I have climbed on a surfboard traveling on a wave. To do this well, we both need to be in humble service of the energies of the wave and each other’s movements. It requires heightened “listening” and co-attunement. If I started twisting my body and moving my arms in an expressive way just because I felt like it, I would likely fall off the surfboard into the water tumbling my partner down as I go. I still have personal expression on this surfboard, but I need to fit it in within my service to the wave, to the other person I am riding the wave with, and to the laws of physics that govern this co-relationship.

My Entire Body Shook: A Woman Leading a Dance Jam Speaks

TRIGGER WARNING: refers to aggression and sexual violence towards women Contact Improvisation Leaders. I have had a man yell outside the door of my jam for 30 minutes because I denied them entrance because they were breathing heavily and dry-humping woman while dancing. I went home that night, walking alone to the subway, scared I would be attacked. When I reached the safety of my home the trembling began and my entire body shook and shook...

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